Toughy Full
Background information
Feature films Lady and the Tramp
Voice Actor(s) Dallas McKennon
Character information
Full name
Species Dog (Mutt)
Gender Male
Other names
Friends Pedro, Peg, Bull, Daschie, Lady, Tramp, Boris
Quote "Uh-oh! The dames. Yeah."

Toughy is a mutt and one of the dogs from the Dog Pound in Lady and the Tramp.


He is a reddish-brown and white mongrel. He has fur of different brownish and whitish tones.


He likes joking around and singing. He is friendly, silly and a good-looking dog. He doesn't like the pound and cares about his fellow dog friends. He is seen howling with the other dogs as Dachsie tries to dig a tunnel out for them. He later sings He's a Tramp with the other Pound Dogs.


  • It is unknown what happened to him and his friends at the end of the movie.
  • Toughy is a reddish-brown and white mongerel. He has fur of different brownish, and whitish tones.
  • Toughy likes joking around and singing.
  • Toughy is a definiton word of something diffcult.
  • Toughy's gender is a male.
  • Dallas McKennon had four roles: Toughy, the Hyena, Bull, and the Professor.